STB Safety - About Us
"Safety Solutions for Today and Tomorrow"

Thank you for visiting Safe-T-Backs' website today. Whether you're a contractor sourcing material or a consumer shopping for your home....whether you represent a billion-dollar corporation with distribution needs...or whether you're interested in a career with Safe-T-Backs, we know there are a lot of factors to consider and there are many choices out there. At Safe-T-Backs, we acknowledge this fact every day by working harder than anyone else to gain and keep our customers and our valued employees.

The success of our company hinges upon our ability to maintain a strong relationship with our customers and our employees, and we take our responsibility to both very personally. At Safe-T-Backs we know that the quality of our people is the most important asset we can offer. That's why we choose them carefully, train them well, and back them up 100% in their efforts to provide the best service possible.

Yes, there are thousands of Safe-T-Backs customer interactions of all shapes and sizes taking place across the country every day -- but each individual one of them means a great deal to us. You see, at Safe-T-Backs, it's more than business -- it's personal.